Computer Services NJ

Diagnosis and Repair Hardware and Software

There’s never a good time for system breakdowns but sometimes it seems that it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Advanced Computer Repair Service provides same day service in most instances. Whether it is your home computer or business network we offer prompt response by skilled technicians.

Are you not sure what the problem with your computer is, you just know that it is not working correctly? Sometimes some things can’t be easily explained if you don’t know the language, but we can help and will understand your explanation we promise.

Typical Symptoms and Diagnostics

Is your computer running slow?  Does it frequently freeze up or do you see a blue screen on your monitor?  Are you getting virus or spyware infection warnings or does it seem as if your anti-virus software has stopped working?

Maybe there is an error warning or constant pop-ups when you try to go on-line or perhaps there is no internet connection at all?  Have you suffered from a power surge or outage and your laptop or PC does not power on?

Data Recovery

If you have a physically damaged hard-drive we can perform first level data recovery services at our location, and in-house data transfer and backup services.

Data that can be recovered can be put on a replacement hard-drive in your laptop or computer, on an external hard drive or transferred to a hard drive in a new laptop or PC.

The Advanced Computer Repair Solution

Advanced Computer Repair Service has state of the art tools to diagnose both software and hardware issues on your desktop, laptop and network.  We repair hardware and software issues in your home or place of business and you can bring your device to our location.

Adding memory, power supplies, video cards, motherboards, LCD screens, blue screen recovery and corrupted operating systems or software, system crashes, hard drive failures, data recovery; all these are problem situations that we have the help for.

We work on all major computer brands and Macintosh systems and handle all computing issues for desktops, workstations, servers and laptops.