Computer Services NJ

Advanced Computer Sales

Advanced Computer Repair Service provides computer sales for; Desktops, Custom Intel workstations, Laptops, Monitors, External Hard Drives, Network Components and Servers, Printers and a full range of other computer-related products including software like Microsoft products for PC and Mac.

We build and service a full line of our own high quality Intel computers and peripherals. Our Advanced Workstations are cost competitive with all of the national brands.

Our technical consultants will deliver expert advice and will tailor any suggested products and solutions for your needs and budget.

In addition if you purchase a new computer from Advanced Computer Repair Service we can transfer data from existing equipment to your new systems and help you with installation at your home or office.

Setup and Installation of PCs/Components

Whether or not you purchase your new system from us, Advanced Computer Repair Service can help with setup and installation of new PCs or network servers and components at your home or office.

We provide many setup and installation services in addition to computers including wireless home and office networks and installing printers.


We provide a myriad of hardware and software solutions to enhance your computer’s performance. Our professional technicians will assist you with upgrades to your PC or laptop so that it performs just as you need it to.

Not sure exactly what you need? No problem, we are always happy to consult with you at your home, business or our office. Whether you are a technical novice, gaming extraordinaire, knowledgeable user or skilled professional, our personnel will understand and know how to help and speak with you so you are comfortable and well-informed.

If you are still currently running Microsoft programs such as XP we can walk you through migrating to a currently supported system easily and without hassle. If your system is older and won’t work with newer software systems for banking or photographs, we can help update your operating system so you are not limited regarding what programs you can run.

Whether it is upgrading your operating system, adding memory or disk space, creating a back-up system, setting up a wireless environment, we can provide you with the components or software needed to provide a solution.