Computer Services NJ

IT Infrastructure

Has your business recently grown and you now need to organize and safeguard your business information better?  Your data is integral to your business and you need an effective way to communicate data with customers and suppliers. A network server could be your solution.

Has your business recently added another location or has the struggle to communicate with multiple locations become critical? However you share applications and data with these locations, a central server could be your solution.

Installing Remote Desktop Services can provide technology that enables users to connect to virtual desktops and access application program files and printers from the internet.

With a centralized web portal for employees and administrators, users can check email, access data and connect to their desktops securely from home or a remote location.

Network Solutions

Our network solutions include cabling, building and installing servers and workstations as well as diagnostics and repairs of existing networks in an office or building environment or home.  We provide custom built severs for small or more intricate networks, installation of switches, firewalls and back-up solutions.  We specialize in CAT 5 and CAT 6, fiber optic and coax cable runs.

Network Security

Firewall and Network security is a must have for all network users to prevent hackers from gaining access to financial or proprietary information and prevention of viruses or spam from internet accounts or other networks from unauthorized access and disabling or destroying your operating systems.  Don’t assume it might happen assume when.

For new and existing networks we will review and discuss your networking and security technology requirements and create a strategy that meets your needs and budget.  Both wired and wireless networks need to operate with maximum efficiency and be cost effective.  Our network experts at Advanced Business Systems can provide proper firewall and security design.

Network Maintenance

When networks run critical applications, quick resolution of problems is imperative to the success of your business.  Identifying whether you are experiencing hardware, software or transmission issues can be difficult with expert help.

Advanced Business Systems will help you identify the issues, correct the problem and prevent it from occurring again.

Network testing and diagnostics of software and hardware configuration help is here with Advanced Business Systems.  We have the answers for your problems and can be flexible in accommodating your needs.

Network problems range from the network being down and completely unavailable to the slowing down of one device, such as a printer. Problems can include the following:

Hardware Errors

  • Stopped working
  • Will not start
  • Has slowed down
  • Produces intermittent errors

Software Errors

  • Quits unexpectedly
  • Does not load
  • Does not work with other applications

Data Transmission Errors

  • Connection failure
  • Collision
  • Congestion
  • Transmission errors