Computer Services NJ


Advanced Computer Repair Service can accommodate installation and servicing of cable runs from one to one-thousand from personal or small individual networks to those for businesses. We can guide you through the professional installation of CAT 5E, CAT 6, fiber optic and coax cables; and service and repair damaged network lines.

Adding lines, moving, or new-build out the network data and voice cabling is a basic first important step.  We will help you to evaluate the infrastructure for your cabling needs by conducting a walk-thru and providing a no-cost analysis.

Server Rack Installation and Set-Up

Placement and installation of equipment is important and there are a lot of details to consider, our professionals can make sure your equipment is installed following all of the best industry practices. Consulting regarding the type of rack needed for your IT equipment, the size/width of the rack, specific placement of equipment, patch panels, switches, UPS, these are all decisions that we can partner with you on and guide you through.

Do you have an existing rack but it’s a mess? servers that are not set up correctly can result in outages by knocking out power and cables when accessing your server or tugging on cables, or not being able to locate the end points of network cables through the tangle.

Maintaining order, proper labeling, being able to properly access your equipment for maintenance these can all be problematic without professional assistance.

Advanced Computer Repair Service is prepared to provide you with the best solutions for a new server rack installation or revamping an existing rack configuration.